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Medication Carts

With their innovative features, ergonomic design and best-in-class service plan, our Medication Carts are the best choice for medication administration, bedside barcoding, and point-of-care documentation. Learn more about our Medication Cart solutions below.

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XP Medication Carts

XP Medication Carts

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RX Medication Carts

RX Medication Carts

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High Capacity RX Medication Carts

High Capacity RX Medication Carts

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Delivery workflow with a Typical Point of Care Cart

  • Typical non-secure “point of care” carts without electronic security require nurses to take 1 patient’s medications at a time.
  • A nurse with 6 patient assignments has to make up to 12 trips to and from the Central Medication Cart or Automated Dispensing Machine per“round”.

Delivery workflow with Rubbermaid's Mobile Medication Solutions

  • Rubbermaid’s Mobile Medication Station securely stores up to 12 patient’s medications. Medications are placed into the cart using a transfer cart system or at an Automated Dispensing Machine.
  • In the example, a nurse with 6 patient assignments can go directly from patient room to patient room.

Support Electronic Medical Record and Computerized Order Entry Initiatives

Need a solution for

Electronic Medication Administration?

Our mobile cart solutions are designed to bring more than just a computer to the bedside. Having secure supplies and medication at point of care saves nursing steps and maintains faster medication turnaround times. Our line of mobile carts can be tailored to facility, unit, and user specific needs to optimize workflow and give time back to nursing.

Optimize your EMR Workflow

  • Medication System Upgrade
  • Fleet management of PIN code
  • Full shift run time

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Select a test to learn how we evaluate the performance of our products for durability and reliability.

Work Surface Force Test

Measuring the strength of the work surface assembly and locking mechanism, so you can be confident that our carts will carry the load, without fail.

Stability Test

Measuring the ability of our medical carts to resist tipping for evaluation and enhancement of safety for staff and patients.

ESD Discharge Test

Measuring the level of protection our batteries have from an electrical shock to verify they will remain dependable even in uncontrollable circumstances.

Pin Code

Verifying the integrity of our Keyless Entry System, to provide reliable, secure storage and a professional clinical presence.

Height Adjustability Test

Simulating 20 years of constant raising and lowering our carts’ work surfaces to verify that our medical carts are the most durable and reliable carts available.

Locking Drawer Test

Evaluating the durability of our locking mechanism and drawers to provide reliable, secure storage while maintaining a professional clinical presence.

Threshold Cycling Test

Simulating a lifetime of rolling over transitional gaps to verify that our medical carts are the most durable and reliable carts available.

Power System and Battery Test

Testing our batteries against a strict set of quality standards to keep your fleet up and running, for longer.

Vibration Test

Gauging our medical carts’ ability to withstand repeated vibrations to verify that our medical carts are the most durable and reliable carts available.



computer carts


  • Non-powered M38 series carts are pre-wired to accept power systems accommodating changes in technology and user preference
  • SLA batteries are easily upgraded to Lithium batteries to minimize weight, support costs and maximize up-time


  • Pre-wired column allows for the addition of the Medication Expansion Pack supporting future bar-coding initiatives and changes in nursing workflow

Our flexible power systems are tailored for a variety of workflow, technology and budgetary needs.

Computer Carts Power Selection Grid

Multiple power system and battery options available; each with unique features tailored to fit a variety of workflow, technology and budgetary needs.


  • Maximize the return on your investment through the various phases of ownership
  • Services include: pilot programs, customization, integration, battery management, preventative maintenance, and more

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  • Next business day on-site service and parts as necessary
  • Standard coverage:
    - 3 years mechanical
    - 3 years electrical
  • Extend coverage available up to 5 years

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