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Often imitated, never duplicated

Rubbermaid Healthcare provides a wide range of best-in-class solutions for the healthcare industry. Through in-depth user research and field testing, we continue to provide breakthrough solutions in bedside eMAR, medication dispensing, clinical documentation and workflow advantages. All of our products are subjected to rigorous testing and quality assurance standards to ensure that every product lives up to the standards of excellence expected from the Rubbermaid name.

CareLink Mobile Nurse Station

CareLink, the next generation of nursing technology, provides enhanced features and benefits to maximize time available for patient care through an easy-to-use platform that improves productivity and reduces time-wasting activities.

  • Computer Carts

  • XP Medication

Computer Carts

Rubbermaid Healthcare Computer Carts combine a compact, lightweight design, superior ergonomics and a comprehensive set of nursing features making them ideal for point-of-care applications.

  • Non-Powered
    Computer Carts

  • Powered
    Computer Carts

  • Computer Carts
    with Storage

Medication Carts

Rubbermaid Healthcare Medication Carts help improve nursing workflow by providing organized, secure storage and the ability to reconfigure drawers on-the-go.

  • XP Medication

  • RX Medication

  • High Capacity RX
    Medication Carts


Rubbermaid Healthcare Telemedicine Cart Solutions provide mobile point-of-care platforms connecting doctors, specialists and clinicians to where the patient is, whether in hospital, clinic or residential facility. 

  • Telepresence Carts

  • Telemedicine Carts

Mobile Technology Cabinets

The innovative Mobile Technology Cabinet blends premium cabinet aesthetics into the flexibility of a mobile computing cart.

  • Mobile
    Technology Cabinet

Wall Arm Workstations

Rubbermaid Healthcare Wall Arm Workstations offer users a compact, comfortable, and intuitive bedside solution as an alternative or compliment to a mobile cart environment.

  • Fluid Arm

  • Slim Line Arm
    Standard & Premium

  • Tandem Arm
    Standard & Premium

Wall Cabinet Workstations

Rubbermaid Healthcare Wall Cabinet Workstations offer users a compact, comfortable, and intuitive hallway or and bedside solution as either an alternative or compliment to a mobile cart environment

  • 23" Wall Cabinet

  • 30" Wall Cabinet
    Height Adjustable

Transfer & Exchange

Rubbermaid Transfer and Exchange Carts support the efficient and secure flow of medication from pharmacy to the point-of-care.

  • 24 Drawer
    Exchange Carts

  • 96 Drawer
    Exchange Carts

  • Replacement

Life Cycle Management, made easy

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Before you see it, all of our products are pushed to the limit at the Rubbermaid test lab.

Rubbermaid products are trusted for their durability, and at Rubbermaid Healthcare we are keeping that promise through extensive product testing. We understand that for nurses to do their job, our products are depended on to perform. All products are tested beyond failure at Rubbermaid’s state-of-the-art test lab, located near our corporate headquarters in Huntersville, NC.  Advanced equipment is used to guarantee each product will far surpass the required usage in its demanding clinical environment, and we continue to test all features of current products to confirm we are supplying the best solution in the marketplace. Make sure to visit our product testing page to view our product testing videos.


We manufacture products to be durable and long-lasting. Just what you expect from Rubbermaid.

Rubbermaid Healthcare products are produced at Newell Rubbermaid’s 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing complex. Our products are manufactured with great care to guarantee the highest quality. In addition, all of our carts and wall-mounted workstations are built to order, allowing a level of customization unparalleled in the industry. Our incorporation of six sigma practices permits fast turnaround times ensures we are able to supply hospitals with what they need when they need it. In keeping with Rubbermaid tradition, 100% of all products go through a final inspection checklist before they ship.

End-User Research

Driven by research and end-user insights, Rubbermaid Healthcare medical carts are designed specifically to meet the unmet needs of the clinical market.

At Rubbermaid Healthcare, we aren’t just manufacturing products – we’re developing solutions. We understand how important consumer insights are in creating new products and we place a high degree of importance on addressing the unmet needs of the user. Our research begins with hundreds of hours spent within nursing and IT in the healthcare environment to develop new concepts and gain new knowledge of current pressure points around the current product offering.  Our design team ensures that every aspect of clinical need and product support is considered. Designs are then validated with end-user focus groups as well as various pilot programs to make sure the products are intuitive and easy to use.