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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Why is service important?

At Rubbermaid Healthcare, we first and foremost ensure our products are designed and tested to the highest standards that people have come to expect. Our service plan is no exception and has been designed to meet the demands of your clinical environment.

How do I request service?

Please log on to and follow the step by step instructions. You will receive a confirmation e-mail back after a successful submission.

How long will it take for someone to contact me regarding my service issue?

You will be contacted with in 2 hours of submission to address your issue. Call backs will occur between 8AM-8PM EST Monday through Friday.

How long does it take to receive service?

If your cart requires on-site service, a Rubbermaid Healthcare certified field engineer will be scheduled to arrive by close of business the next business day.

What if my cart doesn’t require on-site service?

If your cart is under warranty, we will schedule to have the required part arrive by close of business the next business day.

What happens if my cart is out of warranty?

Rubbermaid Healthcare offers an optional Extended Warranty Program that provides a parts only option as well as a parts and service option. Please contact our customer service department for associated costs and details on our extended warranty.

Support and Sales FAQs

I’m having issues with my Rubbermaid Healthcare Mobile Cart and not sure it’s under warranty and where do I get parts?

You can either click here to submit a trouble ticket (please have the serial number of your product available) or you can call 866-777-8450 for Rubbermaid Mobile Carts or 888-859-8294 for our wallarm and wallstation products

One of my customers is interested in your product… How do I become a reseller and get pricing?

If your company is not listed on our authorized reseller list, please contact Bryan Haines at; 704-728-9358

Where can I buy your products?

If you are purchasing for your own use, click here to see a list of our authorized resellers

I need to get in touch with my sales rep… How do I do that?

Click here to find a territory map with your outside and inside sales rep’s contact information.

I didn’t get any installation manual with my cart or wallstation….How do I get one?

Visit the Welcome Page for customers.

How do I get a user’s manual for my cart?

Visit the Welcome Page for customers.

How do I get an evaluation unit of your carts and wallstations?

The Request a Demo page will allow you to submit a request.

What are the advantages of Lithium batteries over SLA?  Why are they so much more?

In general, Lithium Batteries have a longer life expectancy, quicker charge times and are lighter in weight. Learn More about Lithium Batteries in the Product Catalog.

I need a cart under a $1000, do you have anything like that?

You're looking for our new M40 Mobile Computing Cart.

I’m interested in selling your product overseas. Who do I contact?

Contact us to determine the proper associate to get in touch with.

What are Rubbermaid Healthcare’s lead times?

  • Medical Carts – 4 weeks
  • Wall Arms – 3 weeks
  • Wall Cabinets  - 3 weeks
  • Accessories – Ship within 5 days, if assembly is required lead time 10 ten days

Products FAQs

What is the weight that our work surface on our M38 product line can hold?

50 lbs

I’m not able to get my RX cart to power on?

The on/off switch for the RX cart is located inside the base and is not visible externally.

Cavi wipe bracket information.

Cavi wipe brackets have to be ordered by the customer from  Our cavi wipe kit comes with the t-track to install the bracket.  The cavi wipe bracket will need alterations to be added to the cart.  Specifically, drilled holes will have to be added..

Does your cart have a trash can option?

Yes. Our cart comes standard with two multi-purpose storage bins (4”l x 3 3/4”w x 5”d) that some hospitals use as a trash bin. We also have the option of mounting an additional larger trash bin on the back of the cart off of our “t-track.”

What kind of storage options do you have?

Rubbermaid Healthcare offers a number of different storage solutions for our computing carts.  Our Expansion Pack option has up to six drawers of storage.  The storage space on the Expansion Pack can be customized with different drawer configurations to meet the needs of individual units.

Do the cart wheels pickup dirt, hair, etc?

No, all of our carts have high quality casters rated for use in hospitals. The wheel and all of the bearings inside the wheels are completely sealed.  There are no holes and breaks in the wheel to allow any dirt or hair to be picked up

How does your cart handle the keyboard and mouse placement?

The keyboard pulls out from underneath the work surface.  The keyboard tray allows for 6” of height adjustment, 180 degree swivel and -15 degree to 10 degree tilt.  Mouse pads are located to the right and left of the keyboard tray.  We also have a mouse holder that mounts to the side of the mouse pads.

How much workspace does your cart have?

The Rubbermaid Healthcare cart offers a generous 21” wide x 16” deep work surface with a raised edge that helps retain spills.  The work surface also includes a document cover to protect reference documents.

What is the maximum number of carts that can be plugged into 15 and 20 AMP outlets?

The assumption being made by Rubbermaid Healthcare is that all carts are being charged from a completely dead state.  15 AMP outlets can handle 3 carts at one time and 20 AMP outlets can handle 4 carts at one time.